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Bergland Cultural Center

Bergland Cultural Center

The front building of the former Ottawa National Forest ranger office looks like a prim Cape Cod house but was built as a rather small office. Now a local group of Bergland-area volunteers has teamed up with the national forest to transform and staff the office as a visitor information center with maps and nature handouts. Photos, artifacts and documents show the early days of the Ottawa National Forest. Nearly all its million acres were acquired between 1928 and 1935.

Before the Civilian Conservation Corps came to plant trees in the cutover, files show, there was not a tree to be seen for 60 miles. Reforestation not only restored the forests but cleaned lakes and rivers and created good fish habitat. The center shows an excellent video on the U.S. Forest Service, "The Land that Nobody Wanted."
Here is an unusual artifact called a fire finder, used in a fire tower. It's a round device like a giant compass whose parts can point to smoke in the distance and line up to calculate the angle place from which smoke might be coming.

Surrounded by big trees, the onetime district office is a pretty place for picnics, with tables. There are a native flower garden and walking trails, too.
Incidentally, the three buildings (ranger residence, warehouse, and office, all built by the CCC in 1936) and grounds of the ranger station are the best-preserved vintage complexes in the forest service's eastern region. When staff expanded to include recreation, soil and water monitoring, the station became obsolete.
On M-28 a bit east of M-64 (coming from White Pine), in same complex as Ottawa National Forest Heritage Center. In 2-story house to rear left. Same hours as museum: open from noon to 4 Wed-Sat from Mem. Day weekend thru Labor Day, possibly a bit longer. Wheelchair accessible. No charge. Donations welcome.

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