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Mount Houghton

View from Mt. Houghton
View from Mt. Houghton

From the Bete Grise Bay beach, there's a good view of Mt. Houghton just to the north. Its top is over 800 feet above Lake Superior's surface. It's not a difficult hike, and the views are wonderful.
Mt. Houghton

Here is good advice from stinkycheezman33:
The best approach for summer/fall involves taking the Mandan Loop and some sketchy back roads, and then a short hike. The Mandan Loop branches off of US 41 a little more than 3 miles past the Lac la Belle Rd turnoff (I use that as a reference because it is very obvious and a good place to start paying attention). Once you get to the Loop, follow these directions to get there:
1. Travel down the Mandan Loop for 3.7 miles, and you will come to a junction.
2. Turn Right at the junction, reset your odometer, and go ~0.15 miles to another junction.
3. Turn Left at this junction, and go until odometer reads ~0.43, turn left again.
4. When you get to ~0.63, turn left yet again.
5. At ~1.0 miles, turn Right.
6. I would advise parking around the junction at ~1.1 miles. From there it is an easy walk on some crappy roads and then an old ATV trail. You will walk uphill a bit (continue on the road you were on) and after a couple hundred yards you get to an old gate. Past the gate is the trail to the top.

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