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Yellow Dog River Falls

Yellow Dog River Falls
Wayne Premo

The Yellow Dog River in Marquette County is scenic throughout the hike and increases its pace as you head to the waterfalls. In about .3 to .4 mile it is tumbling around rock and dropping down over 20 feet. Climbing beside this section of river, when rounding the bend, the highest of the waterfalls appears - designated as Falls #5.
Continuing the climb above #5 you soon come to another waterfall. This is Falls #4 followed by #3 and #2.

Still further upstream the river makes a right angle into the lower section of Falls #1, which is a wider waterfall.

Yellow Dog Map

Climbing up the rock bank facing this waterfall one can see a large pool and at the other end a waterfall about the same size as the lower section. This makes a beautiful ending for your trek.

If you cannot find the trail from the West Branch of the Yellow Dog, it is a hard hike. There is a lot of up and down hiking, but very little brush due to the large trees and no swampy areas. A compass is necessary.

It is a healthy climb from the #5 to the #1 but you will be so busy enjoying the scenery you will not notice. Your hiking efforts will more than be rewarded by the constant beauty that is with you on the entire hike. There are seven drops separated by pools of a more gradual descent..

From Big Bay take County Road 550, then County Road 510. Turn right on County Road KAA which becomes County Road AAA which becomes County Road IAA, following this road you will follow a curve around a little pond (this curve is considered "Andersonís Corner").

Bulldog Falls Map

Stay on County Road IAA for 1.6 miles past Andersonís Corner. Park and follow the trail that goes right. This trail takes you to West Branch Yellow Dog Falls.

From where the trail reaches the West Branch, below the West Branch Falls, cross the river. Try to find the trail on the hill; it will make hiking much easier.

Go east for almost a mile bearing slightly south if the terrain permits. The big trees and rocky hills make this very scenic. When you reach the Yellow Dog River, mark where you are so you will find your way back, then head upstream (south) to the waterfalls.

Ability to Locate: Fairly Easy
Access by Hiking: Fairly Difficult
Beauty of Falls (#5): Outstanding
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